The sisters, Annette Westwood and Emma Westwood, are both passionate lovers of film, and inspired by the Coen brothers and their work ethos, Annette and Emma have teamed together to collaborate as filmmakers. Their individual skills, like-mindedness and natural affinity in vision and understanding have created a powerful and captivating combination. Their award-winning debut short film Whoever You Are… is currently playing the festival circuit.

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Whilst focusing their efforts on
Whoever You Are…, the sisters have plans for their next short film and are currently developing a feature film script of Emma’s book Silence in the Shadows.

Silence in The Shadows: There is silence in the shadows before there is terror in the dark
Amazon: Silence in the Shadows by E.E Westwood

Production Company

The Westwood Sisters' own film production company, Hawkwood Productions, was named Hawkwood to represent two important elements to the siblings. Firstly family: as the name has strong family connections. (The name also originates from two places in England, Shropshire and Yorkshire, which coincidentally is where the sisters' mother and father were born.) Secondly: Visionary Power. Hawks are a species of bird of prey, traditionally associated with vision and intuition. The aim of the production company is to create work, which will move and inspire audiences, by leading with a strong artistic vision.